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16 Inch Girls Princess Bike

Technical Details

- Bright teal and pink bike with 16-inch knobby wheels for beginning riders
- Single speed bike includes removable training wheels
- Rear coaster brake makes stopping easy for new riders, enclosed chain guard, quick-release adjustable seat post
- Removable Disney princess-themed backpack attaches to handlebar
- Recommended for ages 3 to 6; assembly required
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Customer Buzz
 "Bike in a box" 2009-12-28
By Baron von French (Tallahassee, FL)
Bike arrived mostly assembled in a retail box. The bike had several deep scratches on it and the nuts and bolts needed to assemble the bike were tossed in the box loose. At first I thought this was a return, but every still seemed to have factory wrapping. Why they could not put all the nuts, washers and bolts in a bag is beyond me.

The parts that were not assembled were not the most simple of items (handle brake, seat, tires, etc.). The instructions were terrible. When it came to the seat, something I figured would not be too difficult, I had to guess as to which parts to use as the instructions were not clear. Being a pretty handy guy, I was getting frustrated as I can be a tad OCD when it comes to making sure things are assembled correctly. My Father-in-law came over and he could not make heads or tails of the instructions either. Now that both of us were stumped was exceptionally rare.

Having parts left over, I kept them as I was sure I would figure out where they went to. They went to nothing structural as I would not let my kids play on an unsafe toy, but the instructions gave no indication as to where they went. I finally did find when they went as I noticed the grip on the hand break had an spot for a tightening screw and nut.

Over all, the bike is very solid and my daughter loves it. It wasn't too hard to assemble, but clearer instructions would have made it a snap. I do wish they had invested in better packaging so that the amount of scratches and the risk of parts falling out of the box in shipping would be reduced.

Customer Buzz
 "Great first bike" 2009-11-08
By Andreina Castro V
Not too lightweight, have not assembled yet. I bought this one for christmas. I later saw it at Sports Authority and my daughter tried it. She is 4 and 102 cm tall (do your math in feet & inches)and she reached the pedals with no problem. I guess this will do a good first bike. In my time Huffy was a good bike, at least for what it is expected to do: teach a young girl ride one

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